***Promo*** Sonoma Hills Farm White Runtz Pre-Pack 32.91% THC

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To be eligible for this product, you MUST purchase a 3.5g jar of Sonoma Hills Cherry Cheesecake or White Runtz. Limit one per order. Cannot be combined with other Sonoma Hills Farm promotions.

White Runtz Flower

Lineage: Zittlez x Gelato

Aroma & tasting notes: Tropical Fruit, Sour Candy, Diesel 

Effects: Strong, full body relaxation with mood uplift

Primary Terpenes:  β Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool


From the Farm:

Our intention at Sonoma Hills Farm is to bridge cannabis with Sonoma’s rich agricultural legacy by introducing craft cannabis to the farm-to-table lifestyle. Our variety of genetics includes both classic and unique strains, curated to those seeking both high-THC flower and dynamic cannabinoid and flavorful terpene profiles that appeal to the sophisticated, experienced flower consumer. We selectively harvest each strain at peak trichome ripeness.

Certified comparable to organic by CCOF