Pure Beauty GSD THCv Flower 3.5g 10.4%

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3.5 grams

Indoor Flower

10.4% THC

21.90% THCV


Lineage: Platinum GSC x Landrace

Aroma & Tasting notes: Earthy, Creamy, Pine, Citrus 

Effect: Wake 'n' bake no more, it's time to wake 'n' GSD. GSD is a high-potency THCV-dominant strain that will put you in the zone to 'Get Sh*t Done.' For people looking for an alternative to caffeine or other stimulants, GSD gives you focus and energy to increase your productivity all day long. THCV delivers a more functional high--all the fun of THC (a social lubricant with added bonuses), but without the downsides (psychoactive cloudiness, anxiety, lethargy, munchies).

Pure Beauty GSD (2:1) Flower 3.5g 10.4% - Farmhouse Artisan Market flower