Rebel Grown Double OG Chem x (5G's Purple F3) Seeds (12 ct)

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Rebel Grown Seeds 

12 seeds per pack


About the Parents:

 This OG Chemdog clone comes from reservoir seeds originally grown in 2010. That strain had the most THC of any strain tested in the 2011 and 2012 Emerald Cup and finished 16th overall in 2012. We crossed it with our flagship strain, Double OG Sour, and the results are hot fire. These plants have the real potential to hit 30% THC while sporting intense vigor, a large yield, and dense, frosty buds. This line is a perfect cross of two of our most powerful and sought-after strains. It’s the real deal.

Flowering time: 9–10.5 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: 10.5–10.15

♂ 5G’s is a 5-way polyhybrid separated into different representations of its parentage. 5G’s Purple has a floral perfume with heavy notes of dark, purple fruit. The buds have large swollen calyces and a thick layer of trichomes (showing off the F13 traits of the hybrid). The effect is strong, sedative, and relaxing. Several testers have reported these plants to be vigorous, resistant to powdery mildew, high-yielding, and flavorful.

Flowering time: 9–10 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: 10.1–10.15