Sitka Lebanese Red Traditional Dry Sift Hash 1g 31.86% THC

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Sitka Lebanese Red 

1g Hash 

A mix of indica varieties, carefully dry sifted, and hand selected by the hashmaster for a heavy body effect, a bold, complex, yet smooth taste, with an aroma reminiscent of roses, spice and lavender.

When properly extracted, dry sift is broken open (pressed), the resin is exposed to light and air (also known as curing). This curing process alters the terpene profiles and creates the unmistakable “hashy flavor”, intoxicating aroma, ultra smooth smoke, steady burn rate, and strong buzz known to hashish smokers wordlwide for centuries, featuring the following:

  • Full spectrum
  • Patent-pending terpene preservation process
  • Smooth mouth feel
  • Maleable, not crumbly
  • Better burn rate for maximum value