Space Coyote x Poolside Hybrid Hash Infused Pre-Rolls (5pk) 29.5% THC

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MAC Flower with Sour Cookies Hash (Flower from Sticky Fields)

5 half gram joints

Flavor & Aroma: notes of tart kumquats, earthy moss, and "spaceship" fuel.

From Space Coyote: 

Do you love Space Coyotes but hate having to take a break halfway through because you’re too glazed? Enter the 5 pack collab from your friends at Space Coyote and Field Extracts. With everything you love about Space Coyotes – the extract infusion, the potency, the delicious flavor – now in minis. Still gets you super stoned, still tastes great, but reimagined into a 5 pack of convenient half gram doobies in a collectible, reusable tin. Space Coyote is collaborating with Los Angeles disco band Poolside on a new product. The Poolside Hybrid Hash 5-Pack features Sour Cookies Hash with MAC flower from Sticky Fields, a renowned cultivator in Mendocino County.