Space Coyote Sativa Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls (5pk) 24.41% THC

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Mimosa flower & THCa Diamonds

90% flower 10% diamonds 100% cosmic

5 half gram joints

Flavor notes: tangerines & electrified citrus peels

From Space Coyote: 

Space Coyotes now come in packs! 5 half gram joints infused with diamonds are a perfect addition to our line-up. Easily shareable, but really just designed for a stoner who likes to puff their own, these personal joints are a great way to enjoy the Space Coyote potency and flavor multiple times a week. These terp heavy infused mini-doobs are great accompaniment to a day at the beach, your lunch break, or playing music. And because an active stoner on the go should never have to worry about their pack of J’s getting squished, these little guys come in a collectible, environmentally friendly tin for easy transportation!