Space Coyote x Field Sativa Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls (5pk) 32.3% THC

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GMO Rootbeer Herb with Lemon Bean Live Resin (extracted by Field Extracts) 

5 half gram joints

Flavor notes: Meyer lemon, sour skittles, earthy moss

From Space Coyote: 

Five half-gram joints infused with Field Extracts Sativa Live Resin are a terp heavy addition to Space Coyote‘s line-up. Easily shareable, but really just designed for a stoner who likes to puff their own. These personal joints are a great way to enjoy the Space Coyote potency and flavor multiple times a week. Our infused mini-doobs are the perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach, your lunch break, or playing music. And, because you should never have to worry about your J’s getting squished, these mini Coyotes come in a collectible, environmentally friendly tin for easy transportation!