Space Gem Sleepy Fig CBN Mind Expanding Belt

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THC (entire box)

Sleepy Fig Belt

50mg THC & 50mg CBN per tin

5mg per piece (ten scored pieces for easy dosing)

Experience Space Gem like never before... Expand your mind and elevate your being! The Mind Expanding Belt is a premium ice water hash gummy edible. Each Tin is filled with a delicious full-spectrum, fruit flavored belt

CBN may help promote healthy sleep

-vegan + organic ingredients

- Convenient for high dose users 


Ingredients: Sugar, Tapioca syrup, Citric Acid, Fruit Pectin, Coconut Oil, Single Source Ice Water Hash,  Flavoring from real figs, Food Color from Plant & Herb extracts & Sunflower oil

1g sugar/serving

Contains Coconut


Space Gem Sleepy Fig CBN Mind Expanding Belt - Farmhouse Artisan Market gummy