ZZZ Sticky Fields Mandarin Tart Flower 3.5g 34.59% THC

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Mandarin Tart


34.59% THC

Aroma & tasting notes: Citrus, Earthy

Effect: With a tasty terpene profile and uplifting euphoric effects, Mandarin Tart is perfect for an after dinner treat that won't leave you feeling too heavy or anytime really!

Sticky Fields: The Farm

The Sticky Fields farm is located in a protected mountain range in Mendocino County. One of the most reputable and renowned places on earth for growing cannabis. Mendocino is one of the three counties of the Emerald Triangle. World famous cannabis isn't the only thing grown on the Sticky Fields farm. Jesse and his team dabble in growing a little bit of everything, from vegetables, to fruit, to raising honey bees. Welcome to Sticky Fields.