Super Wow! Cosmic Cake High THC Tincture

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In a galaxy far, far away, on the starship Enterprise, the Guild Navigators have concocted a secret recipe of galactic sauce that'll transport you to an alternate timeline: beware the Cosmic Cake! These smooth, chocolatey drops are your far-out companions. Take it straight under your tongue for a burst of yumminess, or add it to your beverage for a potency kick. Warning, extremely high potency, not for beginners!


Per dose (0.5ml): 16mg THC

Per bottle (30ml): 1000mg THC

Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabis oil, natural and artificial flavors & sweeteners.

All Super Wow products are vegan, sugar free, gluten free, and cruelty-free. Super Wow is a woman-owned and operated company based in Northern California.