Terp Mansion Jealousy 3.5g 32.0%

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2.18% Terps

Lineage: Gelato 41 x Sherbet

Aroma & Tasting Notes: Floral, Citrus with an Ice Cream finish

Effects: Creative, Happy, Uplifting 

Indica Hybrid

Mixed Light Flower

Indulge in the ultimate cannabis flavor experience with Terp Mansion Jealousy 3.5g 32.0% . Each inhale reveals a medley of herbal and floral notes, perfectly balanced by a gentle touch of richness. Perfect for evenings, the euphoric and relaxing effects will help you wind down, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. Enjoy the flavors and the effects; it's a truly captivating experience!

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Terp Mansion Jealousy 3.5g 32.0% - Farmhouse Artisan Market Flower