Terp Mansion White Runtz 3.5g 31.1%

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White Runtz



1.94% Terps

Lineage: Cherry Gelato x Lemon Zkittlez

Aroma & Tasting Notes: Sweet, Skunky, Creamy Citrus, Stone Fruit

Effects: Happy, Mellow, Relaxed, Calm, Giggly


Mixed Light Flower

White Runtz's effects are calming and soothing with a candy-like flavor that tantalizes your senses. It will leave you euphoric and feeling like you're soaring through a sea of spun sugar! So don't hesitate to enjoy the delightful taste of White Runtz, and let it dissolve your worries and add a bit of sweetness into your life.

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Terp Mansion White Runtz 3.5g 31.1% - Farmhouse Artisan Market Flower