Time Machine Banana Runtz Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 42.72%

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Banana Runtz

5 half gram infused pre-rolls

Travel through time and embark on a celestial escapade with Banana Runtz, a strain born of a rendezvous between Zkittlez and Gelato in a quantum time machine! Picture this: flavors so mind-bendingly sweet tropical breakthrough parallel paradigms, tickling taste buds in a cosmic dance of fruit trees. With potency that could launch you to the stratosphere and make future botanists rejoice, this strain takes you on a joyride through time, leaving stress in a time warp. It's the intergalactic, flavor-fueled adventure your cannabis dreams have been manifesting since the Big Bang!

Blast off into the stratosphere of cannabis bliss with our mind-blowing 2.5-gram infused pre-rolls! Imagine a galactic concoction of premium greenhouse flower infused with the pure essence of cannabis—the almighty distillate—and coated in a glittering kief embrace.


Time Machine Banana Runtz Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 42.72% - Farmhouse Artisan Market Pre-Roll