Time Machine Lemon Cookies Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 40.41%

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Lemon Cookies

5 half gram infused pre-rolls

Step into the time machine of taste and travel through epochs of sweet citrusy flavor with Lemon Cookies, a strain that'll have your taste buds exploring paradigms of afterglow! Stargaze frozen in time through lemony zing with spicy, butty cookie wonders, like indulging in a cookie jar from your grandma's kitchen. This strain bridges a calming, happy mind and a gently relaxing body high—a perfect harmony for any portal explorer seeking ease of mind and a sprinkle of happiness. Lemon Cookies - because this is a supernova of zest and sweetness in the vast universe of flavors!

Blast off into the stratosphere of cannabis bliss with our mind-blowing 2.5-gram infused pre-rolls! Imagine a galactic concoction of premium greenhouse flower infused with the pure essence of cannabis—the almighty distillate—and coated in a glittering kief embrace.


Time Machine Lemon Cookies Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 40.41% - Farmhouse Artisan Market Pre-Roll