Time Machine Strawberry Kush Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 40.92%

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Strawberry Kush

5 half gram infused pre-rolls

Rip through a tranquilizing saga with Strawberry Kush, a strain that's like an enchanting time-warp journey to the age of the dinosaurs! Imagine a flavor so vibrant, it's like chomping through ancient citrus groves, pine-scented jungles, and strawberry fields of eons past. It's like savoring the primeval feast essence of happiness and relaxation, a taste as gallant as the dinos. Strawberry Kush - because in the land before time, even herbivores would've craved a bite of this dino-delight!

Blast off into the stratosphere of cannabis bliss with our mind-blowing 2.5-gram infused pre-rolls! Imagine a galactic concoction of premium greenhouse flower infused with the pure essence of cannabis—the almighty distillate—and coated in a glittering kief embrace.


Time Machine Strawberry Kush Infused Pre-rolls (5pk) 40.92% - Farmhouse Artisan Market Pre-Roll