ZZZ Umma Sonoma Déjà Vu 3.5g 39.01% THC

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Deja Vu

3.5 grams

39.01% THC

Lineage: Now N Later x Jet Fuel Gelato

Aroma & Tasting Notes: Earthy, Sweet, Funk with notes of fruit

Effect: Relaxed with a comforting body buzz


Established in 2018 with a focus on producing premium indoor cannabis with a hand-crafted approach, UMMA Sonoma is a culmination of passion driven cultivators and exclusive genetics. Our culture and approach is unique. We're family oriented and operate and deliberate as a team. With a humbled approach and unrelenting curiosity, UMMA continues to expand the possibilities and purpose this craft has to offer. First and foremost, we serve the plant.