Uncle Arnie's Sunrise Orange (2oz) 100mg THC

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Sunrise Orange Cannabis-Infused Beverage

100mg/2 fluid ounce bottle 

Rise and shine with the Uncle Arnie's 100mg THC Sunrise Orange Shot. This two ounce shot, has Sunny D vibes and is packed with 150mg of Caffeine. Which is about 2 shots of Espresso, so try skipping that coffee and adding this to your morning smoothie. Perfect for that on-the-go morning hustle. Just like the classic 8 ounce drinks, these are infused with nano-emulsion technology. You can control your high or get as lit as you want by using the dosed measurement system. Expect your rocket to blast off in 20-40 minutes.


Meet Uncle Arnie, your new friend forever. His legendary

cannabis creations offer the highest high at a fair price. Arnie’s is
potent, tasty, and packed with nanomolecular technology.

Everyone needs an uncle who has something fun up his sleeve.
An uncle who cares about his friends, enjoys good times, and
helping people elevate their vibe when needed.

Arnie and his team have set out to deliver on a simple promise:
Create memorable cannabis products at accessible prices - all
while keeping things fun. 



Ingredients: Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cannabis Oil, Natural Flavoring, Green Tea Leaf Extract,  Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Yellow 5  

Uncle Arnie's Sunrise Orange 100mg THC - Farmhouse Artisan Market drink