URSA Gargoyle Melon Berry 1g Liquid Diamond Sauce Ceramic Cartridge 69.89% THC

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Gargoyle Melon Berry 100% Diamond Sauce 

Cultivated by: Tar Hill Farms

ceramic 1g cartridge

For best results use a low voltage battery

69.88% THC & 14.20% Terpenes

Lineage: Unknown

Aroma & Tasting Notes: Peachy, Sweet, Berries hints of cinnamon 

Effects:  Calming, soothing, popular with those who suffer from chronic pain and headaches


From URSA: 

URSA EXTRACTS is committed to providing the highest quality concentrate products. We've partnered with experienced & responsible farmers to procure the best quality cannabis from Humboldt county. All of our products are created from 100% pesticide free and certified clean plants.

From the best cannabis comes the best concentrates. We extract our live resin in-house with our very own team of experts to insure the most outstanding quality for a flavorful and potent experience. 

*Battery not included. Batteries can be found in accessories.